Opi Dip Powder Instructions

The gel and acrylic manicure that we have come to love is sadly coming to an end as a new manicure trend is taking the nail art by storm. This technique is the best thing that could happen to anyone’s nail. Introducing the dip powder manicure, a healthier alternative to acrylics and gel polish. It applies in half of the time of acrylic and outlasts gel polish without causing too much damage on the nail bed.

Opi Dip Powder

This odor-free acrylic alternative promotes a cleaner air and environment. It also offers gel-like shine and weeks of wear without the need to light cure. Surprisingly, the process is so easy and anyone can do it.

Simply follow these steps to create a salon-like nails at the comfort of your own home:

Step 1:

Create a smooth surface on your nails by using a manicure block or a nail drill to create an even surface for the powder to be applied to. Prevent the powder from applying by pushing back and trimming your cuticles but avoid using cuticle oils.

Step 2:

Apply a thin and even coat of base coat of your choice. For an even and smooth powder application, make sure you get full coverage on your nail while keeping the coat as thin as possible.

Step 3:

Dip the nail at a 45-degree angle into the powder and make sure that your entire nail is emerged for even coverage. Tap off the excess powder. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as you continue this process across both hands.  Do this one nail at a time in order to prevent the base coat from drying too quickly. For full coverage, apply a second thin, even base coat to each nail again. Repeat the process one more time for a second coat and brush of the excess powder. We used a loose brush to wipe away excess powder from our nails and hands.

Step 4:

Once all the five fingers are dipped in the powder, tap off the excess powder. When the nail is dry to the touch, use a sanitized cosmetic brush to wipe off any remaining loose powder. Apply a second layer of Base Coat and Color Powder. Wipe away any remaining loose powder.

Step 5:

Apply one coat of OPI Powder Perfection Activator to all five nails, making sure to cover the entire surface of the nail. You’ll see the dipping powder color darken and become more opaque. Allow to completely dry. Be sure to cover the edges and cap off the tips of the nails.

Step 6:

Apply a second coat of top coat to each nail. Allow one to two minutes to dry. Repeat this application on the other hand.

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