Selecting the Manicure Kit For Men

Good grooming and proper hygiene are essential not only for aesthetic purposes. These also require more than just having a shower, styling your hair, and putting on clean work clothes. The modern man knows that creating first impression means more than that. Missing out the smaller details of your bod, such as your nails, may just cause you a lot of embarrassment, so need to make sure that these are also taken care of. Selecting the best manicure kit for men will then be one of the smartest things you can to do to help save yourself of the possible embarrassment that you may experience in any case you may need to have a quick trim of your claws.

Manicure Kit For Men

You do a lot of things with your hands, and it is one of the parts of the body that others get to see much when you during a face to face interaction. Needless to say, you need to make sure that your nails are kept clean and trimmed to the appropriate length and shape.

Going to a nail salon every time you need have your nails cut is not a practical thing to do. Most men do not actually enjoy doing the same. Having one of the best mens manicure kit will just be a good thing to consider, so you can do your nail trimming whenever you need to without having to spend much on a professional manicure

To ensure that your nails will always be looking healthy, you may need to remember the following tips:

  1. Find the best manicure kit that contains at least the basic tools that you will need for proper nail care. You will need to get yourself at least the basics of proper nail care like a good nail file, nail buffer and perhaps some cuticle oil which you can usually find in a nail kit. Remember these are very basic products which can be found in any drugstore and you don’t need to spend a fortune on name brands with these products.

A typical manicure set will include the following tools:

  • finger nail clippers
  • toenail clippers
  • small pair of scissors (for trimming nails, nose hair, ear hairs and facial hairs)
  • file or emery board (or dolphin nail file) (for trimming the side of the fingernails and toenails)
  • tweezers
  • cuticle tool
  • comb
  • shaver
  • shaver blades
  • small pocket knife


  1. File down the nails to a proper length with a good-quality nail file. Filing helps trim down nails and remove any bump or ridges that may cause get stuck to cloth fibers, paper, or whatever it is that they can stick on to. However, you will need to file your nails only when it is already about a quarter inch grown from the top of the pink part of your nails. Frequent filing can weaken your claws and cause them to chip off or break easily.


Lisa from My Stunning Nails Guest Post

I have a special treat for you today!  We have a guest post!  I haven’t had one in quite a while, so I’m really excited to have Lisa here with us.


Hi all! My name is Lisa from My Stunning Nails. I haven’t done a guest post for a while although I have guest posters on my blog regularly. This is exciting and I appreciate Mandy letting me post on her blog.

Today’s post is a peach flower painted with acrylic paints on a pink background. I used a clear rhinestone for the center of the flower. The polish is China Glaze Spring in my Step which was a part of there Spring Collection last year (I think). I like the peach and pink together. What are your thoughts?



I used:

Zoya Anchor Base Coat
China Glaze Spring in my Step
Americana Black Lamp
Americana Green Tea
Americana Peaches n’ Cream
Ceramcoat White 

Seche Vite Top Coat
Jessica Brilliance
Nail Art 3D Embellishment – Round Clear Rhinestone

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out this post. You can find more of my nail posts at

Your Friend in Polish,
Lisa Oswald

Dotticure inspired by spring

It’s a dotticure day! I can never get enough of dots. Whether they are on my nails or a scarf or even a pillow, they just always make me smile! And right now I need to smile and think spring because the weather sure isn’t cooperating!

It’s been raining non stop and it is simply exhausting. I’m ready for sunshine and flowers. I would love nothing more than to be out in the yard tending to my rose bushes. But, it looks like today will be another day of laundry and binge watching Fixer Upper!


Since I’m stuck inside, I think a fun spring inspired dotticure is in order. I started with color inspiration and I also thought it would be fun to do a semi-skittle. I haven’t done anything like that in quite a while. I landed on a simple Orly White, Color Club Age of Aquarius for a pop of mint, Ulta Stampede of Approval for a neutral and OPI dipping powder for a bit of texture. Why not!?!?!

Layer one on my pointer, middle and ring fingers is just a white base. Then I took the other three colors and embellished the edges with dots. I left the free edge blank for no reason other than the fact that I usually concentrate my accents at the top of the nail instead of the bottom. Today is the day to mix it up!

My thumb and pinky fingers got two coats of the OPI dipping powder. That was one of their Bond Girl colors with a sparkling sand finish. If you’ve used these types of textured polishes before, you know they’re a major pain to remove. But, there are some tricks!

The easiest trick to removing tricky polish is to apply a base that doesn’t stick very well. Oddly enough… those bases tend to hold up really well until you decide to remove them. Weird, I know! I actually did a pretty detailed comparison of some of my favorite options that you can read. I’m not sure how many of these are still available, but you can easily make your own. There is a do it yourself option in my list!

Today I went with the OPI Glitter Off. It should be fine for a couple of days of fun and frivolous dots!

What kind of manicure do you gravitate towards when you need to brighten your day? I’d love to know!

Almost kimono inspired stamped mani

If you’ve stopped by the stampede before, then you already know how much I love a good stamped mani. They are probably my top favorite mani’s both to look at and to create. You can get any pattern you want and in any color you want. The options are ultimately endless! The funny thing with this kimono inspired stamped mani is that, well, it was not inspired by a kimono!

I knew I wanted the base to be a fun, summery cherry red. Cha-Ching Cherry from OPI was a no brainer color choice. I did one heavy coat instead of multiple thin ones because I knew that the stamping would hide any thin patches anyway and I have a new puppy in the house so I only get so many minutes to let nails dry these days. All of you mom’s and/or dog-mom’s know what I’m talking about!

After the base, I wanted some metallic sheen. I chose to use Penny Talk from essie which is a gorgeous rose gold. For the pattern itself I went with a GAL stamp plate and my MoYou stamper. I thought I had put together a fun summer mani with cute little daisy doodle flowers. Simple, cute and quick. Done deal!

When the Hubbs got home from work he immediately said, “Neat…. you put a kimono pattern on your nails.” I looked at the pattern for a minute or two. I guess I can see it. Perhaps it has a bit of a Japanese influence with the combination of a red tone and a gold floral creating a kimono inspired stamped mani. But it was definitely not what I was thinking when I did it. That’s just how it goes sometimes!

I wish these pictures had turned out better. I really have no idea why they look a bit blurry. Sorry about that friends! It seems I’m having one of those days.

Have you ever had a mani that other looks one way to you and a totally different way to your friend or significant other? I’d love to know!