beautiful-skinWhat is Jabu’she?

Jabu’she is a line of skin care products for anyone looking to help refresh their skin’s luster.  Jabu’she also helps minimize the appearance of pores, and perfect your skin’s glow.


How is Jabu’she different from other anti-wrinkle creams?

Jabu’she contains Lipoic acid, which is comprised of very small molecules that have been clinically proven to decrease the appearance of rough skin and deep wrinkles.  Studies have also found that treatment with alpha lipoic acid can help perfect your skin’s glow.


What is the difference between AHA and Lipoic Acid?

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) help soften layers between the skin by reducing cohesion between the cells.  Once the skin softens, the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration typically decline.  Lipoic acid works with coenzyme Q10 and acetyl carnitine to work completely differently with your skin.  Together, they create a mechnism that helps increase the skin’s ability to protect itself agains free radicals and have a positive effect on the skin for the long-term.


Can I be in the sun while using Jabu’She?

Jabu’she is a topical cream that does NOT contain SPF or sunscreen.  It is recommended that Jabu’she users not expose their skin to direct sunlight without using SPF protection.

Is Jabu’she recommended for people who suffer from skin abnormalities?

Do not use Jabu’she products if you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in Jabu’she products.  Users with small blood vessels (telangiectasia) may find that they are more visable when using Jabu’she, in which case Jabu’she is not recommended for use.  Individuals with skin abnormalities or diseases should always consult a dermatologist before using any skin care product.



This information is also available on the leaflet that comes with each product, and consumers are advised to read the leaflet before applying to the skin. When the cream/serum substances come in contact with the skin, it is common that a tingling and hot sensation arises. This effect is normal and decreases over time.

Occasionally, small red spots occur, which is also normal. To ensure that the skin does not overreact, it should be accustomed gradually.

During the first week, only apply the cream/serum every two days, and once a day during the second week. In the third week, the cream/serum may be applied morning and evening. Note: A swelling, itching or burning sensation is not normal. Application in such cases should be discontinued immediately. The product may be too active for the skin type.

  • Clean the skin thoroughly before treatment.
  • Always test a new skin care product by applying to an area with sensitive skin such as crook of arm, the inside of the wrist or behind the ear.
  • Avoid extreme cold immediately after application.
  • During exposure to direct sunlight, we recommend a face cream with UV protection that is at least SPF 15, preferably higher, to be used together with Jabu’she.
  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse eyes with clean, running water.
  • People with confirmed skin disease (e.g. psoriasis or visible blood vessels) or very sensitive skin should consult a dermatologist before use.