Dove Dry Spray from Target

Today I have deodorant to share with you.  Deodorant isn’t something I tend to think about a lot.  I’ve pretty much used the same kind forever and ever.  But, I received this new Dove Dry Spray from Target through Influenster and I do have some thoughts to share.


First of all, they sent us two cans!  One for me and one for the hubbs.  Mine is cucumber scented and smells really refreshing.  But, I did notice that it has a bit of a metallic scent over time that I didn’t totally love.

The one for the hubbs is called Extra Fresh.  It has a manly smell that’s hard to describe.  It’s fresh and clean and has a bit of masculinity to it.  We both actually liked the scent.

I don’t generally reach for sprays.  For me, I just like the precise application of a stick. My hubbs agreed.  He doesn’t like the “cloud” you get when you use a spray.  Maybe it’s just what you’re used to.  We can be creatures of habit after all.

Do you use spray?  Have you tried these?  I’d love to know!