Almost kimono inspired stamped mani

If you’ve stopped by the stampede before, then you already know how much I love a good stamped mani. They are probably my top favorite mani’s both to look at and to create. You can get any pattern you want and in any color you want. The options are ultimately endless! The funny thing with this kimono inspired stamped mani is that, well, it was not inspired by a kimono!

I knew I wanted the base to be a fun, summery cherry red. Cha-Ching Cherry from OPI was a no brainer color choice. I did one heavy coat instead of multiple thin ones because I knew that the stamping would hide any thin patches anyway and I have a new puppy in the house so I only get so many minutes to let nails dry these days. All of you mom’s and/or dog-mom’s know what I’m talking about!

After the base, I wanted some metallic sheen. I chose to use Penny Talk from essie which is a gorgeous rose gold. For the pattern itself I went with a GAL stamp plate and my MoYou stamper. I thought I had put together a fun summer mani with cute little daisy doodle flowers. Simple, cute and quick. Done deal!

When the Hubbs got home from work he immediately said, “Neat…. you put a kimono pattern on your nails.” I looked at the pattern for a minute or two. I guess I can see it. Perhaps it has a bit of a Japanese influence with the combination of a red tone and a gold floral creating a kimono inspired stamped mani. But it was definitely not what I was thinking when I did it. That’s just how it goes sometimes!

I wish these pictures had turned out better. I really have no idea why they look a bit blurry. Sorry about that friends! It seems I’m having one of those days.

Have you ever had a mani that other looks one way to you and a totally different way to your friend or significant other? I’d love to know!