About Jabu’she

jabushe-lineJabu’she was created after extensive research on the actual product formulation and its core ingredient, QAL-100; The study was reviewed by the Research Ethics Committee at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm (2001), and has been published in one of the most prestigious medical journals, The British Journal of Dermatology (founded in 1888) 2003:149:841-849t

Backed by clinical research, Jabu’she has been proven to help revitalize the skin back to its youthful luster. The patented QAL-100 formulation generates superior results, bringing vitality to your skin.

Jabu’she contains QAL-100

QAL-100 is a unique worldwide patented formula and is a combination of three active substances; Alpha lipoic acid, Coenzyme Q10 and

Lipoic Acid (Thiotic Acid) is a vitamin like substance consisting of very small molecules that help it to work with your skin.  With anti-oxidants, vitamin E and C, lipoic acid contributes to keeping the skin lustrous with an invigorating effect agains wrinkles.

Acetyl carnitine is an amino acid-like and Vitamin B-like substance, which is built from carnitine. Acetyl carnitine increases the effect of the lipoic acid and helps the skin cell’s energy production for that fresh-faced feeling.

Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinome) is a natural substance in the skin. Unfortunately, the body’s own production decreases over time. By using a cream with Q10, the skin’s anti-oxidative protection cell vitality is significantly improved.

What does QAL-100 do?

QAL-100 has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, maintain skin vitality and luster, minimize the appearance of pores and reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes.