Chronicles of a Closet Raider: Mom Edition

Ever feel like your closest is giving you an ole tired heard-it-all-before tease? Well before you go out and buy new clothes, consider my secret addiction—closet raiding. The beauty of having a big family is the more closets you can raid (there are six of us!). I’ll raid everyone’s closet from my 5’2’’ sister to my 6’2’’ brother (If you’re reading this, well, surprise! You’re clothes may be in my room as we speak lol). Anyway, closet raiding is a great way to both mold the styles of others into your own unique style and give you a fresh perspective on our own closet. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a shirt in my brother’s closet that reminded me of a similar item in my own closet; just knowing how he wears it inspires me to explore different ways I can wear it. Once, I turned a baggy denim button down one of my brothers gave me a while back (that was almost collecting dust in my closet, might I add) into a sort of wrapped mid-drift top that also wrapped around my belt loops like suspenders; but I’ll save that story for another day. Yesterday, I was raiding my mom’s closet for headgear and found this snatching black church hat! (It worked out perfectly because my hair was not prepared for the world at the moment.) I coupled the hat with a black flared leg jumper with a deep-v back that I found on one of my thrifting adventures. I accessorized it with a vintage gold medallion stretch belt, a gold arm bracelet, vintage crystal earrings, a crystal wrapped ring, and electric blue Aldo heels. I normally don’t do all black, I actually lean more towards brown, but I enjoyed the look. Get into it below! It features my older sister. (Yep, she’s older than me lol.) She has such a youthful soul.

Mom Edition Mom Edition Mom Edition Mom Edition