“Collision of Contradiction”: Mixing Materials

If there are two things I live for in a line, it’s texture and detail (accent on the “e”). Givenchy’s Fall 2012 couture collection gives us just that. From the intricately hand embroidered floor-length cape to the sheared mink dress and cashmere skirts. You know Riccardo Tisci wasn’t playing any games when he designed the halter neck gown, complete with a built in cape, embroidered with sequin both on the outside and inside (Realness!).  Heavily influenced, by a very earthy, native, and even gypsy vibe, this line makes brown the new black. The embroidery detail are like leaves sprinkled across the abundance of mother earth, or in this case, mother material. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Where am I ever going to wear a dress/cape lined with sequin or a fringed leather cape embellished with tracery?” (I say wear it anywhere, but I digress.) More importantly, this fall couture line is about mixing materials, playing with texture, and really using the plethora of materials that the fall permits (everything from fur to leather to cashmere to sequin to chiffon to cotton). Adding a touch of glamour, mixing materials serves up an evil side order of grandeur. So as you bundle up, mix it up!  Get into the line below!


If I just had to choose, and I mean had to, this would be my favorite! Just tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor.




Love the subtle, yet dramatic split leading up to the lovely sheared mink.


Stay fabulous!