Stila Eyes are the Window “Spirit” palette swatches

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Eye palettes… What can I say.  They’re awesome and addicting.  Stila just came out with 4 and I was a good girl and only bought one… for now… hahahaha!  This is from their series called Stila Eyes are the Window and it’s called “Spirit”.


Let’s get the basics out of the way.  It’s a Stila palette.  You can very safely assume that the colors go on like butter and are silky, beautiful and pigmented.  I will vouch for all of those things!


Something else I really like is that they tell you the names of all the colors in the palette. I’m finding this more and more common and I really appreciate it.  Here are the Spirit colors by row (both in the pallet and on my hand in two different types of lighting):


Kitten, Puppy, Pigalle
Oasis, Jezebel, Barefoot
Wheat, Golightly, Espresso
Chinois, Slate, Pewter


Have you picked up any of these new Stila Eyes are the Window palettes?  Do you have a favorite?  I will tell you, they all spoke to me.  I almost bought the one called “Body”. It has lots of summery pastels.  My only hesitation is that it has lots of glitter in it.  I like some shimmer, but glitter on my eyes isn’t really my thing. All of the other palettes have a good mix of matte and shimmer.  Perfection!

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