NYX Perfect Filter Palette Review

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The second I saw the NYX Perfect Filter palettes on Pinterest, I knew I had to have them! It’s as if someone pulled the perfect color tones out of my head and created them just for me! If you’re a warm tone person, it seems like you can throw a rock and hit fifty perfect palettes. But it’s not that way for those of us who love the cool tones! Or maybe I just somehow always miss them? (If I’m just missing them, please send help!)

NYX Perfect Filter Chameleon Stampede

The palette I picked up is called Gloomy Days. Gotta be honest… I hate the name. Gloomy isn’t really an enticing word when you’re picking out a palette. But, the colors! They are sheer perfection if you’re a lover of cool tones. The mauve gray and dusty rose are my new staples. Throw in a pure white to make the colors pop and a glittery black and you can’t go wrong.

NYX Perfect Filter Swatch Chameleon Stampede

Another big bonus is the color payoff. When you get a drug store palette you often don’t get good color payoff. This palette is a shining exception to that norm. The color payoff is fantastic! With my oily skin, even the most expensive shadow can disappear before the day is over. This is sincerely long lasting! I’m telling you… I’m very impressed. Gorgeous cool colors combined with long lasting wear and a budget friendly price point and you absolutely cannot go wrong! If I had to make one complaint, it would be that there is some fallout with these shadows. But, if you tap your brush before you apply the shadow you will be fine. I think a little fallout is just par for the course when you have so much pigmentation. Totally worth it in my book.

NYX Perfect Filter Open Chameleon Stampede

When I added this palette to my list of summer 2017 must haves I had really high hopes and I couldn’t be happier with these shadows. There are a few other palettes in the NYX Perfect Filter series and I’m sure I’ll pick up at least one more. Have you tried them? I’d love to know!

Love Mandy Chameleon Stampede

NYX Perfect Filter Palette
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NYX Perfect Filter Palette
Gorgeous cool colors combined with long lasting wear and a budget friendly price point and you absolutely cannot go wrong with NYX Perfect Filter.
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Chameleon Stampede
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