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Needle Drag Nail Art

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Needle Drag Nail Art

It’s a challenge day!  Today’s theme is needle drag nail art.  I have to say, I’ve never tried it before.  There are beautiful examples of this technique all across the internet… this, may not be one of them. Hahahaha

My first attempt definitely has it’s flaws, but that’s how you learn!  The whole point of a challenge is to be ‘challenged’, right? The thing I do really like about my attempt is the coloring.

I used China Glaze Boho Blues for my base.  With the second coat still wet, I added Barielle Rain in Spain and OPI Happy Anniversary for the dragged tips.  I love the subtlety of the colors… it hides some of the flaws and is always a great way to try something new.


Also, when you don’t go ‘high contrast’ you get that subtle and classy effect.  I’m always a fan of that.

Have you tried needle drag nail art?  We’re you more successful than me? I’d love to know!


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