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affiliate linksMaybe you don’t torture your hair like I do… but, I’ll bet you do! Don’t we all? I mean it’s so fun to have options whether it’s with color or curling iron or straight iron… why not!?! But, all of that fun comes at a price. The split ends that we all dread and deal with or the dullness that starts to happen when we push our hair a bit too far. For these reasons, I was excited when I got a free sample of Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment with a recent purchase.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment Chameleon Stampede

According to Living Proof, the Restore Mask Treatment is a deeply conditioning treatment that repairs dry, damaged hair by nourishing each strand, leaving hair visibly healthier, stronger, and shinier. Who doesn’t want that? My only complaint would be that it doesn’t help my hair grow faster… but I digress. My sudden desire to grow my hair out a few inches isn’t Living Proof’s problem LOL

The directions say to apply to clean, wet hair from roots to ends for five minutes once or twice a week. Easy enough. In fact, five minutes is usually my limit. Anything that requires me to wait like ten minutes is a turn off. I don’t have the patience for that… but five minutes works great for me to wash my face, shave or whatever and then rinse.

It has the feel of a standard deep conditioner. Thick and creamy, nothing weird or slimy. I can’t handle slimy. It also rinsed out nicely without feeling like my hair was ‘coated’. You know that feeling? Like you can’t rinse something out no matter how hard you try? This rinsed nice and clean and my dry, bleached, heat treated hair was left feeling light and silky. It also didn’t weigh down my curls, which can happen sometimes with deep conditioners. Win!

I actually liked the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment so much that I scraped every last bit out of the container. See for yourself! Every…. last…. bit!

Living Proof Restore Mask Empty Treatment Chameleon Stampede

So the magic question is… would I buy it for real now that the sample is gone. Yes! In fact, I already did. This is now in my regular rotation once a week.

Have you tried Living Proof Restore Hair Treatment? I’d love to know!

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