Laura Mercier Watercolour Mist Palette

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Do you ever imagine what you’d like in a palette and then all of a sudden it appears? Laura Mercier Watercolour Mist Palette is that ‘imagined’ palette for me this spring.  I really wanted some pastels that didn’t look cheesy.  Know what I mean?  Sometimes pastels can look goofy when you put them in makeup on your face.

I want to start with the compact itself because it’s really lovely.  It’s about the size of a phone (not the phablet style that looks like you’re holding an e-reader up to your ear… but a normal iPhone or something similar).  It’s perfect to throw in your purse for touchups.

The second thing I love about the Laura Mercier Watercolor Mist Palette is that it actually looks like it’s misted with water.  It’s so unique and fun!  Very spring 😉


The names of the colors are imprinted into the compact above each color.  I tried soooo hard to capture that in a picture, but I couldn’t get it to show up nicely.  They’re written in the same metallic that the palette is made of, so it’s not ‘bold’.  When companies add the names, I really appreciate it.  No idea why… it’s just nice to know.

The colors on the left: Mist (blue), Fog (taupe) and Storm (green)
The blushes: Sunset (lighter pink) and Earth (rosy clay)
The colors on the right: Wind (lilac purple), Purple Rain (gray/purple), and Cloud (blue/gray)

These in particular are all matte, which I find to be fabulous for pastels.  It takes away the potential to look like you’re playing dress-up.  They’re soft and really do have a watercolor effect on the skin.  They’re light but pigmented, so you can really blend them to get a soft look that still features a color.


I went heavy so that you could actually see the color on my skin, but the effect is still soft.

Laura Mercier Watercolour Palette

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