Hot starburst

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Not sure what to call this.  Starburst on the surface of the sun?  To artsy and strange?  Whatever you call it, the mani turned out cool.  The pattern looks like starbursts, but with the colors I chose they start to look like leaves.  I didn’t think of that ahead of time, I just knew that orange and cherry would be trendy together.  But, I think a lighter cherry would have been better.  Either way, it still looks fun.
This isn’t the mani I thought I would be doing today, but here we are.  My outfit was going to look weird with my nail colors, so I changed it.  I think I learned 3 things today…
1- Sometimes it’s a good idea to think ahead for coordinating outfits
2- I must work harder on my clean up
3- I need a tan!

We’ve got Essie,  Orange It’s Obvious,  OPI Chick Flick Cherry (NL H02), and Mash plate 22.

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