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Who stops by the Chameleon Stampede?  Anyone obsessed with beauty products, skincare, hair products, nails, and nail art.

   We might be a match if you can relate…

  • Ordering a new blush just to get the free sample gift when you order from 10-2pm, why not?
  • Thinking there must be a way to wear strip lashes comfortably, gotta keep trying!
  • Never giving up on finding that perfect nude lipstick… It’s out there!
  • Trying every gel for keeping curls soft and not crunchy… It is NOT the 80’s!
  • Obsessed with holo polishes… Holo ALL the polish!
  • Using liquid latex for a water marble mani… Ain’t nobody got time for that much clean up!
  • Trying every eye cream to get rid of bags… Staying up to binge on Netflix takes its toll!

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