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Blue Water Marble

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Is it possible to have too much blue nail art?  I suppose for some people it is.  I saw a poll recently in some fashion magazine that said only about 6% of women wear blue polish.  I gasp!  I have more blue than any other color!  But, I suppose that’s more common for a nail blogger than your average Jane next door.  I say embrace all the colors!  In fact, have a stampede of them!

Today I’m doing a technique that I only pull out when I’m feeling extra adventurous or have lots of time on my hands.  It’s water marbling. There are people out there who can do amazing things with some water and a few drops of polish.  I’m not one of those people.  I can’t make an intricate design and replicate it perfectly across 10 nails.  BUT… I can still have fun and make some swirly patterns!


I started with a white base which is always recommended to make your water marble pop and make the colors stand out.  Then I used three different shades of blue from China Glaze (Boho Blues, License & Registration Pls, and Dashboard Dreamer).


A swipe hear and there with a toothpick and then dip!  Disclaimer: Your fingers will be a mess.  But, you can always use some Vaseline, cuticle oil or liquid latex on your skin before you dip into the polish for easier cleanup.  And if you get some bubbles in your polish, consider them beauty marks 😉



Do you wear blue polish or love a good water marble?  I’d love to know!


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