Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter

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Watt’s up!?!  Isn’t that a fun name for a highlighter?  Leave it to Benefit… they always have crazy creative names for their products.  Today I have a Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter sample to show you.


This highlighter is different from most of the ones I’ve tried because it’s a stick and not a powder. The benefit (no pun intended) of that is you get a lot of precision and staying power because it’s not going on with the fluffy swipe of a brush.  The drawback is that it takes more time to blend for a natural look than a powder does.  But, practice makes perfect as they say 😉


It has a champagne glow that makes it unique.  Great for a bronze-y summer look, not sure I love that for a winter face in the frozen tundra where I live.  These 2 pictures are with direct sunlight so you can see the glow.

A full size retails for around $30, so it’s on the higher end for sure.  But, you’re getting quality. Another added plus is you never have to worry about this crumbling in your purse like a pressed powder highlighter would!



Do you have a favorite highlighter that is your “go-to”?

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