Barielle Gemstones

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Are you a glitter fan?  If so, this new collection sent to me from Barielle is a collection for you! They haven’t really done glitters in the past and it seems that they saved up all that goodness for this one.  I’m starting off with Barielle Gemstones and I have a teaser of the other polishes near the end… stick with me!

This collection is all glitter, as in full on glitter bombs!  My fave of the bunch, is this one called Gemstones.  It’s packed with purple and blue holo, multi-sized glitters in a clear jelly base.

I guess the purple inspired me because I decided to do a jelly sandwich with it.  I haven’t done one in so long and they’re so fun to wear.  The squishiness, ya know? I made a base of China Glaze Sweet Hook and a topper of OPI Don’t Violet Me Down sheer tint. This polish is so versatile, you could do a ton of different looks with it.



Here’s the sneak preview that I promised of the entire collection.  The swatch next to my thumb is Barielle Gemstones.  So, you can see how it looks on it’s own.  Like I said, super versatile!



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