Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate Serum

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Serums are my jam.  I’m all about them.  They pack a punch of concentrated goodness for your skin.  Whenever I get the opportunity to try one, I jump on it.

Today I have the Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate moisture and radiance boosting serum.  Whew… that’s not something I can say three times fast.  Or, really even one time fast!  But, it’s supposed to rehydrate, illuminate and recharge.

Scent is really important to me and this one has a very lovely light scent to it.  It’s as luxurious as it should be (especially when a full sized bottle is $60).  It also definitely boosts moisture, my skin was super happy with that.  But, for my oily skin it might be a bit too much. I’ve been using this for about a week and I’m extra shiny.  This is something I deal with a lot since my skin is oily, so if you have drier skin this may be perfect for you. I’m thinking the Ahava Dead Sea line may be best for skin that could use more moisture or maybe just more of a winter product for me.

I do think my skin looks ‘happy’.  Know what I mean? That texture your skin gets when it has the moisture and stuff it wants to have in it… highly technical terminology 😉 But, I’m very happy with my skin texture this week.

Have you tried the Ahava Dead Sea line? Is there a serum that you’re in love with?


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